Train-the-trainer NLC, SRI

This collaborative project, Train-the-trainer is led by South Roots International and funded by the National Lottery Council and includes ARROWSA, Durban supported by ARROWSA Bechet and Bechet High School. The project aims to train community members from a number of areas in the Western Cape and one in Durban in the South Roots International community theatre model. This will result in a community driven production within each community by the end of the 11 months, involving the elderly in story telling, history from documents, parents involved in building sets and making costumes etc.

Arts and Mental Calmness NAC

This project is funded by the South African National Arts Council. ARROWSA leads the project in partnership with ARROWSA management and ARROWSA Bechet participants, Bechet High School,  artists from South Roots Int. in the Western Cape and a lecturer and postgraduate students from the Department of Performing Arts, UKZN.


They stand their ground against gender-based violence project NAC, British Council, LHM Durban

In 2021 the ARROW-INDRA SAUKINDIA project built on the 2020 climate change and culture, clothing, identity and gender issues and hosted the arts for social change Scarecrow project and skill transference workshops funded by National Arts Council in South Africa - see  Be a scarecrow against gender-based violence by ARROWSA, Scarecrows in solidarity by South Roots International and