ARROW-INDRA South to North: Climate Change project NAC

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climate change project


As part of an ARROWSA strategic initiative to expand and entrench local, national and international South to North and South to South partnerships, ARROWSA initiated a number of projects under the umbrella title South to North. These projects were partially funded by the National Arts Council in South Africa. Partners in the South to North Climate Change project included South Roots International in the Cape Flats, South Africa and Indra hubs in Manchester, Gorsehill Studios and Touchstones Rochdale. The project included fortnightly online arts for social change sessions that the hubs rotated in leading between June and December 2020. See ARROWSA youth, Vincent Salanji's video on old and young speaking about climate change ARROWSA leader of the Performing Arts Portfolio, Bheki Dlamini, extended the project into Bechet High School where he led the planting of trees, a vegetable garden and initiated recycling bins. The youth conducted their own research on what worked and what didn't as they explored what their highlights in the project were, what art form was used in this highlight and what action it inspired in them - see