Palmiet Nature Reserve Westville

ARROWSA in partnership with the Palmiet Nature Reserve (PNR) Committee and eThekwini Parks and Nature Reserves facilitates educational programmes for schools and walks for the public to the reserve. The educational programmes are custom made for the age, grade and relevant school curriculum. The programmes focus on the cultural and natural heritage of the Durban area and the role that the reserve plays in preserving this heritage. An annual community walk and ad hoc visits by overseas and national visitors are also facilitated by ARROWSA in the reserve. Weather permitting the programmes and walks include a visit to the iGwalagwala cliff archaeological site. ARROWSA, with AMAFA, and supported by the PNR committee conducted an archaeological investigation at the iGwalagwala cliff. This archaeological dig is now an educational site. Artefacts found within the dig are housed at the Bergtheil Museum Westville. The programmes and walks include evidence of the  different cultures that occupied the Gwalagwala site through the ages and what fauna and flora they would have used for survival within the reserve. The sustainability of the environment and the lifestyles of previous inhabitants compared to present day practices is also highlighted. See The River of Secrets video

 Bremen visit to PNR

Bergtheil Museum Westville

ARROWSA has partnered with eThekwini Local History Museums’ Bergtheil Museum Westville in the presentation of educational programmes, art exhibitions, the creation of exhibits and in the Passbook and Abasha Bash Competitions. The exhibit for the iGwalagwala Cliff archaeological site in the Palmiet Nature Reserve is housed at the Bergtheil Museum and ARROWSA contributed to the script writing of a video on the archaeological site that accompanies the exhibit. Celebrated storyteller Dr Gcina Mhlope narrates the video.

Museum artefacts


ARROWSA makes use of interactive applied storytelling methodology in museum educational programmes. This experiential heritage based approach has resulted in ARROWSA presenting storytelling workshops for museum staff within KZN and nationally.  ARROWSA storytelling themed presentations / or the performance of custom created storytelling based scripts have also been created for heritage organisations such as Msunduzi Museum for special events such as Reconciliation day where a number of schools are invited to attend.  Lectures and talks on the power of storytelling are presented by ARROWSA’s Mary Lange as part of tertiary courses or for special groups e.g. at museums, for NGO’s working in the arts and international online webinars.