Noluthando Shandu

“ARROWSA! WOW! I walked through the doors of the hall in Bechet High school (where ARROWSA Bechet is held/based) for the very first time. I was intimidated by boundaries and standards that society had on my life and I was so so shy yoh... Well during the course of ARROWSA projects I realised that I was not shy by nature, but it was as a result of self doubt and insecurities. I'm definitely not the same person I was when I walked in. We only spent about four hours a week in ARROWSA Bechet but whenever I think of my high school career I automatically think of ARROWS,. that's how much impact it had on me. This also challenged my thinking on the arts as just for entertainment, I saw that it actually carries more power than just for entertaining. It breaks down barriers within people and creates a space of Ubuntu (Unity in diversity) and many more amazing things. ARROWSA is HOME. I am currently working full-time with a non-profit organisation South Roots International and I'm pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Community Development part time with the University of South Africa