Despite That... British Council SSA cultural exchange

Commencement Date

Despite That... is a British Council British SSA co-created art - cultural exchange between South Africa and the UK. The project is led by ARROWSA and includes youth from ARROWSA alumni in Durban and South Roots Int. in Pelican Park, Cape Town.

The project culminated in a film Despite That! At the heart of the project the creatives from South Africa and the UK explored perceptions of each other and themselves and co-created the film to share with the world. The film recognises that each individual has challenges based onw here they live, however we can find joy in connection and shared stories Despite That!  A video of the song Despite That is also available for all ages.




partnering with youth from Beyond Face in United Kingdom. 

Beyond Face team

During the project the SA and UK youth make use of participatory arts face-to-face engagement to research/identify their stereotyping of the other countries' youth. They share their perceptions via photographs, video snippets and in online sessions. The project includes song-building workshops to co-create a song that expresses what they have experienced during the project  The song is used in a film based on a script that the hubs co-created in an online session and then they filmed in their own face-to-face spaces. The film is edited by a collaboration between editors from ARROWSA Durban, South Roots Int. and Beyond Face.