ARROW (Art: A Resource for Reconciliation Over the World)

ARROW is an arts peace project that was initiated in 2004 by David Oddie, The College of St Mark & St John (St Marjon), Plymouth, United Kingdom. It comprises an emerging network of people, organisations and institutions committed to developing the creative arts as a resource for reconciliation between people and peoples, the creative transformation of conflict, and the promotion of cross cultural dialogue and understanding, and enhancing awareness of the crucial reality of our global interdependence.

INTERACTIVE LAYERS: Palmiet archaeological educational programmes

In 2013 the Trans-Vaal Branch of the SA Archaeological Society (ArchSoc) funded ARROWSA’s Palmiet Nature Reserve Archaeological Educational Programme (PAEP) pilot study in Durban. The successful study drew on several individuals and organisations, and built on previous local archaeological educational programmes to pave the way for outreach to Durban schools, specifically schools in underprivileged areas.

Pathways Indra Congress: Cultural Literacy for Social Change

The Indra Congress is a global network of community artists, cultural practitioners, and educators. An alternative; mediator of arts and culture for intra- and inter-personal social change, it provides a safe space for youth to communicate social issues. The network actively participates in a biannual program where representatives of the different Indra hubs come together in a face-to-face congress.