Cultural and natural heritage school programmes and social change.

There is an increasing global recognition of the need for educational programmes on fauna and flora diversity, especially the need to balance the survival needs of communities with the ecological realities. For a lot of young people, such educational programmes should not just impart facts linked to learners’ curriculum but also take note of the spiritual aspect of social change particularly linked to well-being.

ARROWSA , Art, Culture & Heritage for Peace: Bechet project 1st quarter 2012 Who am I? Positive Hands and Feet

The ARROWSA hub based at Bechet High School in Durban has had an exceptional start to the year of 2012. The
programme this year was to be planned around the theme of “Who am I”. This theme was explored through using
different parts of the body to define who we are as individuals and who we are as a group. In the spirit of the theme,
we used different parts of our bodies to explore the depth descriptions of who we are. The first activity that the
group participated in was the hand mapping exercise (based on the concept of body mapping started with Aids

Pathways Indra Congress: Cultural Literacy for Social Change

The Indra Congress is a global network of community artists, cultural practitioners, and educators. An alternative; mediator of arts and culture for intra- and inter-personal social change, it provides a safe space for youth to communicate social issues. The network actively participates in a biannual program where representatives of the different Indra hubs come together in a face-to-face congress.