UNISA Press Series: Unisa Flame - Vol. 1
Published Date

Mooi Loop is a fully bilingual book that celebrates the life and artwork of the late Vetkat Regopstaan Boesman Kruiper. The book contains original, finely detailed, and hand-colored drawings in Vetkat's unique style. The silhouetted imagery demonstrates linkages to South African rock art done by the Bushmen. Some of the art collages reprinted in the book have never been seen by the general public within South Africa. Most of the book's poetry is reprinted in the original handwriting of the artist. With each turn of the page, the book follows both a visual and visceral path where beautiful surprises will await the reader on the journey through Mooi Loop. This rarely seen collection of poetry and artwork represents Vetkat's Sacred Art collection as a living memory - a collection that simultaneously tells of the past, the present, and, occasionally, even the future. The simple, yet bold, messages that are written either as text or evoked in Vetkat's art, speaks to a universal living memory of nature, reconnection, human relationships, peace, war, and respect for the land. Vetkat's wife, Belinda Kruiper, both a poet and author, provides the perfect accompaniment to Vetkat's artwork through her own complementary poetry throughout the book.