In Lange M.E., Müller Jansen L., Fisher R.C., Tomaselli K.G. and Morris, D. (eds.) Engraved Landscape. Biesje Poort: Many Voices. Pretoria: Tormentosa, 81-87.
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This chapter foregrounds the methodological approach of the Biesje Poort project, outlining the ways in which the project can be framed within Rethinking Indigeneity research. As we snaked our way up the rocky terrain of Biesje Poort it dawned on me that the multi-disciplinary and multicultural Biesje Poort KhoiSan Rock Art Recording project ‘rethinks’ conventional ethnographic and archaeological research that is typified by ‘expert researchers’ who conceptualise their projects with neatly articulated goals and questions that are to be answered. The methodology of this project breaks away from this traditional approach that is characterised by duality, by valorising participation, reflexivity and multivocality.